What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a business intelligence tool developed by Google launched in March 2016. It can be used for converting data into customizable informative reports. If you own data you can use Google Data Studio to turn it into informative, easy to read reports.

  • Bring in figures and research from multiple sources across the internet, including social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • It’s also the tool to help transform this information. Easy to use yet sufficiently advanced for professional-level reporting, Google Data Studio allows you to tell stories with your information — including high-level reports and easy-to-update digital dashboards.

  • Finally, Google Data Studio allows you and your audiences to gain meaningful insights from raw data. From this, the conclusions you draw will create genuine action for your organization.

Useful tips and guidelines for creating amazing graphs in Google Data Studio

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What is Google Data Studio Connectors?

Connectors in Google Data Studio work as a pipeline to feed the data into Google Data Studio, or It's a way to connect your data sources directly to the Google Data Studio to visualize your data in Data Studio. First, there is a monthly cost involved for all connectors available. Still, it pays for itself in the long run and avoids manually updating the data, which is also prone to mistakes while copy-pasting data. Second, you will quickly reach the limit of the number of KPIs for the manual update, but with a connector, you can use every metric and dimension of that data source.

Do I need a connector to use Google Data Studio?

File upload, for example, CSV and Excel and Data hosted by Google (E.g. Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console), doesn't require a third-party connector. For the rest data sources, you would need a third-party connector like Supermetrics. Below is an example, for popular sources, if you need a connector