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The Art of Visualizing Data in Google Data Studio

Finally, after working for more than eight months book is live and available on major platforms including, Amazon, Apple, and Kindle. Please see the book preview below. It's a pdf file, and you can download or bookmark the page to review it later on.

Data Visualization and why do we need data visualization?

Right now, Data Visualization is a hot commodity. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to create financial reports or a PhD student finalizing an important piece of research, it’s vital to make sure the charts and graphs you use to display data are clear, easy to understand and visually appealing.

It’s no longer enough to simply visually display data in complex, hard to read spreadsheets. Properly visualized data is easy to understand for all of your audiences and can help make important trends clear. From this, analytics and complete guides can be created, appealing to everyone from the CEO right through to your day-to-day clients or other stakeholders.

However you intend to use it, it’s more important than ever that you understand Data Visualization. That is why I combined the best practice of creating charts in Google Data Studio Book, which can also be applied to other platforms with similar charts, e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint, PowerBI and Google Slide. Preview the Data Studio Book below

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Book Preview: The Art of Visualizing Data in Google Data Studio

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