Download a Google Data Studio report as a PDF

Use this option to save your report in PDF format for offline access.

Download as PDF in Google Data Studio
Download as PDF in Google Data Studio

Follow these steps to download your report as a PDF file

  1. In the upper right, click the arrow within Share > Download report Or you can also access it within the file menu goto File > Download as > PDF

  2. A dialog box will appear

  3. Configure your desired download options.

  4. Click DOWNLOAD.

Download options

  1. Ignore custom background colour: a transparent background, and will remove all the custom background-colour

  2. Add a link back to the report: Adds an "Open in Data Studio" link to the PDF bookmarks section.

  3. Password protect report: set a password to your PDF report.

đź’ˇ Tips: Sometimes, Google Data Studio will remove the background color by itself, especially when downloading the report in edit mode; if that happens to your PDF download, try downloading in view mode.

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