CONVERT function Available in Excel and Google Sheets

Converts a number from one unit to another. For example, CONVERT can calculate distances in miles to distances in kilometres. Check below for various CONVERT function units

CONVERT function in Excel/Google Sheets

Available unit conversions by category

  • Weight – u, grain, g, ozm, lbm, stone, sg, cwt, uk_cwt, ton, uk_ton

  • Distance – ang, Picapt, pica, in, ft, yd, m, ell, mi, survey_mi Nmi, ly, parsec

  • Time – sec, min, hr, day, yr

  • Pressure – Pa, mmHg, Torr, psi, atm

  • Force – dyn, pond, N, lbf

  • Energy – eV, e, J, flb, c, cal, BTU, Wh, HPh

  • Power – W, PS, HP

  • Magnetism – ga, T

  • Temperature – C, F, K, Rank, Reau

  • Volume – ang^3, Picapt^3, tsp, tspm, tbs, in^3, oz, cup, pt, uk_pt, qt, l, uk_qt, gal, uk_gal, ft^3, bushel, barrel, yd^3, m^3, MTON, GRT, mi^3, Nmi^3, ly^3

  • Area – ang^2, Picapt^2, in^2, ft^2, yd^2, m^2,ar, Morgen,uk_acre, us_acre, ha, mi^2, Nmi^2, ly^2

  • Information – bit, byte

  • Speed – m/hr, mph, kn, admkn, m/s

💡 Measurement Units definition in the Google Sheets below

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Measurement Systems Unit